Souzy Tros is to be hosted at the Adhocracy Athens Exhibition in Onassis Cultural Center from May to June 2015!

“The Embassy” of Souzy Tros will offer a variety of events and will also provide a meeting point for the workshops scheduled to take place during the exhibition. More info to be announced soon.

Find out more about Adhocracy here.

10271247_824650500915978_7037800106562537241_o 11174542_603316519805956_7814457273340330191_o

Adhocracy: From making things to making the commons
Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens

April 29th—June 27th, 2015

Curated by dpr-barcelona and Pelin Tan

Associate curator: Panos Dragonas

Exhibition design: dragonas christopoulou architects

Visual design: Folder (Marco Ferrari, Elisa Pascual)

Souzy Tros Art Canteen | The Embassy

Team: Maria Papadimitriou with Elias Karniaris,Yorgos Rymenides et al.


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